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Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic
Ordinands, Transfers, and
Commissioned Pastor Applicants

We are excited for God's call upon your life and your connection in the EPC Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic. Please access the forms below that are pertinent to your calling and make note of the deadline. Please know, too, that we are praying for you as you go through this process.



This is the DEADLINE for paperwork.


  •   Examinee. An Examinee is anyone who will be examined. This is a catch-all term for Ordinands, CP applicants, and Transfers.
  •   Candidate. A Candidate is anyone under care of Presbytery.
  •   Ordinand. When a Candidate completes seminary and begins to submit paperwork for ordination, he or she becomes an Ordinand.
  •   Commissioned Pastor (CP) Applicant. This is a Candidate who has begun to submit paperwork to become a Commissioned Pastor.
  •   Transfers from a Reformed Tradition. Pastors seeking to be ordained in the PMA, who come from other EPC Presbyteries or denominations with a Reformed tradition. They have already sustained examinations on Reformed orthodoxy before a trusted Presbytery.
  •  EPC Transfers. Pastors seeking to be ordained in the PMA, who come from another EPC Presbytery.



All examinees are orally examined by the Exam Team before they stand before Presbytery. These five-part examinations are usually held in March, August, and early January.



March 30, 2022

Location TBA

EPC Transfers will be examined on EPC-specific knowledge and to get to know them. We want to see if they are a good fit for the PMA. See the EPC Transfer study guide below.

Study Guide - for EPC TRANSFERS (who transfer from within the EPC)

Reformed Transfers will not be re-examined on details of theology, history, the languages, and so on, that have already been sustained by a trusted Presbytery. However, we will examine them on EPC-specific knowledge and to get to know them. We want to see if they are a good fit for the PMA. This exam is more extensive than for inner-EPC transfers. See the Reformed Transfer study guide below.

Study Guide - for Reformed TRANSFERS

Commissioned Pastor Applicants are assumed to already share the ethos of the EPC, our "DNA," since they come from within our own churches. They will be examined to determine if they are competent and knowledgable enough to pastor a specific church. They are not expected to know the sorts of things that seminarians do, such as the languages or critical theories of the Bible. We are looking for an above-average Ruling Elder level of knowledge, someone who is studied but does not have a M.Div. See the CP study guide below.


Ordinands and non-Reformed Transfers will be comprehensibly examined to see if they share the knowledge base required of the body of Teaching Elders, their would-be peers in the PMAand to see if they are a good fit. See the Ordinand study guide below. Before taking this oral exam, they also must sustain three written exams conducted by General Assembly. There is more information about that below.

Study Guide - for ORDINANDS

After sustaining the five-part oral exam by the Exam Team, all Examinees are interviewed by the Ministerial Committee on the Friday morning before each stated Presbytery. They will appear before the Presbytery on Saturday morning for their (hopefully) final exam.  Contact Ministerial Committee Chair Tom Pitman for the time of your Friday interview.  


Steps to Coming Under Care - Instructions & Checklist

Steps to Ordination (The Examinations Process for Candidates Under Care)

PMA Sexual Ethics and Misconduct Policy (includes "PMA Sexual Misconduct Policy Acknowledgement Form")

Exegesis Paper PMA Requirements for Ordinands

More information about the three GA written exams for Ordinands

English Bible Exam - an exam that requires knowledge of Bible content. The majority of the exam is multiple choice/true-false/matching with a few short answer questions. See the practice exams at Those should alert you to any weak areas that need to be re-studied.  No books, Bibles or notes are allowed for the Bible exam.  Maximum time for the exam is 2 hours.

Theology/Sacraments/Reformed Tradition Exam - you should use the EPC study guide available to download from here. The exam is mixture of true/false, multiple choice, matching, short answer and sort essay questions.  A printed Bible text is allowed.  It may not be a study Bible or one with cross references.  No other books or personal notes are allowed.  Maximum time for the exam is 3 hours.

Polity Exam - Read and digest the EPC Book of Order (Books of Government, Worship, Discipline).  It is available to download from here. Question types are the same as the Theology exam above.  No Bibles, books, or notes are allowed.  Maximum time is two hours.

Exams should be taken as a “unit,” that is, within a span of three weeks.

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