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Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic

The Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic (PMA) is a regional body of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). Our mission is to resource, train, and encourage one another to fulfill the Great Commission.

Teaching Elder
Kevin Cauley


Missional Region Websites

Coastal Mid-Atlantic:

Central Carolinas:

New River:

Upcoming Meetings

101st PMA
Coastal Mid-Atlantic

April 29-30, 2022
Kempsville Pres. Church
Virginia Beach, VA

101st PMA
Central Carolinas

May 6-7, 2022
Lake Forest Westlake
Denver, NC

101st PMA
New River

May 13-14. 2022
First Presbyterian Church
Eden, NC

Church Revitalization,
Training and Consulting

Dr. Ken Priddy
GO Center Executive Director

Check out Ken's blog  -
The "GC (Great Commission) Matrix"

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 15421
Richmond, VA 23227-9998

The GO Center is a ministry of the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic in partnership with the National Outreach Committee for the EPC.

  • On-Site & Online Revitalization Training
  • Phone & Video Consultation
  • Training Events
  • Speaking & Teaching
  • Print & Digital Publications
  • Training DVD's & Downloads
  • Trainer Training
  • Consultant Training

The GO Center:
Opportunities & Coming Attractions

The GO Center is here to help you GO! (as in Go and make disciples)

The GO Center is here to help you GROW! (as in maturity and evangelism effectiveness)

Brought to you by the GO Center!

Much has been said about the great need for the Gospel and the great opportunity to share the Gospel that has been created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The question that looms large is whether or not our churches are prepared to meet that need or to embrace that opportunity. 

The GO Center is searching beyond best practices for next practices because the landscape has changed so abruptly and dramatically. Since we’re going to be living with social distancing for the foreseeable future, even proven best practices are not enough and next practices must be created. 

The GO Center is offering a simple solution in the form of SIX 1-HR online live Zoom sessions that will run for six consecutive Tuesdays. Each session will stand alone and will provide a PIT STOP, one hour of ministry refreshment and refueling. The format is simple, offering three elements:

1. Leader-to-Leader Interaction for Encouragement & Support

2. 2-3 Tools & Tips for Revitalization from the GO Center

3. Innovation Workshops for Creating Next Practices

This is an extraordinary time in our country and our world, and it can be an opportune time to answer the call to be salt and light. Let’s get together for a PIT STOP and sharpen our edges. Let’s take this historic moment to make history and begin to turn the tide of plateau and decline in the church, even as we are turning the tide of COVID-19.


The first round of Pit Stops has finished. Another round to be determined! 

Zoom links to all meetings are posted at at the bottom of the home page.

LeaderShop: A New Training Format

LeaderShop is a new online format for presenting Leadership Development Workshops. These workshops are 75-minute webinars that are FREE to PMA pastors and leaders. Features include Missional Paradigm Shifts, Types of Motivation, Levels of Leadership, Roles of Leadership, Leadership Communication, the Support-Challenge Matrix and more. Sharpen your ministry chops through LeaderShop. Sessions are stand-alone and enlist peer-to-peer interaction in addition to presentation. More LeaderShop Sessions will be announced.


The GO PROJECT has launched. Four churches have committed to this two-year pilot. The project is designed for thirty-two churches to be launched over the next year or so. Please pray for the churches already on board and for others that will join them in the months to come. The four churches now engaged are:

  • Huntingdon Valley Presbyterian Church, Huntingdon Valley, PA – Presbytery of the East
  • New Hope EPC, Kingston, TN – Presbytery of the Southeast
  • First Presbyterian Church, Martinsburg, WV – Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic
  • First Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Roanoke, VA – Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic

Matching Funds Available

Matching Funds for training in revitalization are available through the Office of the General Assembly (OGA) as well as through the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic Church Development Committee. OGA funds can be applied for online at One of the GO PROJECT churches was recently approved for $10,000 in matching funds through the OGA. The surprising fact is that they only applied for $5000!

Free Church Life Cycle Assessment is the web address for a FREE Church Lifecycle Assessment. One PMA church has already taken advantage of this opportunity. Check it out.


The Leadership Ladder
Developing Missional Leaders in the Church

By Steven Ogne & Kenneth Priddy

There are over 100 million people in our country who are not connected to any church. Research shows that growing churches grow on the edges of their ministries. They have active evangelism on the front edge and leadership development on the back edge. Ogne & Priddy make the case that when we raise up and multiply leaders, we are growing the capacity of the church to minister to more people in more and better ways.

They outline a holistic pathway -  The Leadership Ladder - to address the urgent need for multiplying missional leaders in our churches. Discover how this pathway could impact your church!

Paperback book - 184 pages - only $12.00
Order at: 
Or Call: 800.253.4276

The Leadership Ladder
Developing Missional Leaders in the Church

By: Steven Ogne & Kenneth Priddy

All churches need leaders but few churches have all the leaders they need. Even fewer have a committed cadre of mature missional leaders. 

The objective of leadership is not to manage the church in the routine operations of ministry but to move its people into the harvest to gather the eternal family of God. 

The Leadership Ladder provides a pathway and the tools for any church that is serious about Great Commission ministry to develop leaders who will multiply disciples, leaders and churches.  

The Leadership Ladder begins with the rails of a ladder:
-Building Biblical Knowledge makes up the first rail and
-Building Biblical Character is the second rail.

The rungs of the ladder encompass the following:
-Living Missionally
-Making Disciples
-Mobilizing Ministry
-Leading Ministry
-Leading Leaders
-Planting Churches

Remember, the true value of a ladder is putting it to work to accomplish the task at hand!

Paperback book - 184 pages - only $12.00
Order at: 
Or Call: 800.253.4276

Ken Priddy Offers Free New Book
VACANCY: Finding Who's Missing & Bringing Them Home

Numerical growth in the church is a maligned subject these days as champions swell with pride over growth-at-all-costs spiking while critics shrinkwith pride over uncompromising allegiance to self-inflicted isolation. What does God say about numerical growth in His word and what does He mean by what He says? Ken Priddy spent three years probing for answers to these questions and discovered something surprising. Numerical growth in the church is not about numbers, it's about names, names that are recorded in the Lamb's Book of Life. The journey is covered in VACANCY: Finding Who's Missing & Bringing Them HomeKen's Manuscript Edition. It's yours to download FREE with permission to share it with anyone. Enjoy!

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